April 21, 2012

So First Year is Over

and did it ever fly by quickly! I'm already looking forward to second year, but right now it's summer, and there are so many art and animation-things that I want to try to do over the break- can't wait to get started!

Just a couple of things to post today:

Character in Setting painting, with cel overlay. I was looking forward to doing this particular project, and had a lot of fun designing the room for it. And it's been a while since the last time I did anything with acrylic paints, so it was nice to take those out again for a little bit, too.

 Final Character Design project for the year, Penelope the jackalope. I just wanted to design a silly, goofy character for this one, and I really enjoyed drawing poses for her!

That's all for tonight. Have a lovely summer!

March 26, 2012

Paintings and Stuff

Just finished this painting last night. For this project, we chose a passage from a novel or lyrics from a song, and create an interior based on it. My painting is inspired by the song "Excellent Choice", by The Horrors.

Here's the ficto-planet painting assignment. This is the landscape during the day...

...and here it is at night.

School's pretty busy right now with all of the end-of-year projects happening, so I should have more things to post up here soon!

March 02, 2012

So here's some things from this term so far:

This is the aye-aye character that I designed for the character sequence project. Felt like colouring in one of the drawings from it.

Textures on a scene for Layout.
All of the textures on the colourful version were made traditionally using paints, inks, gesso, and salt.

Still life painting.

January 08, 2012

Since the next term is about to start, here are some more things from the first term!

Facial Expressions

Texture Paintings

Bone Project: Title Page + Studies

 Royal Winter Fair Title Page

Warm Landscape

Cool Landscape