September 17, 2014


Our third year film, Grounded, is online!


It was an awesome experience to get to make this film with such a lovely, hardworking, and talented group of people. The description on Grounded’s vimeo page has links to everybody’s blogs- they all do great work, so go check them out!

Here’s some of the preproduction work I contributed, mainly done in gouache and paper cutouts:

And here’s a compilation of animation that I did for the film:

All of the animation in the video is by me- though many of the backgrounds were painted by other team members (there are paintings by Bronwyn, Khoebe, and Evan- I painted the first one and the close-ups).

Over the winter holiday, before production on the film really got going, I made a puppet version of the little bunny, Louie (designed by Alex and Steve).

It was a good opportunity to try out some new things- Louie’s face has magnetic replacement mouths, and his hands and feet are molded and cast in silicone. He was a fun puppet to make!

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